Jampang English VIllage


Jampang English Village is program of Zona Madina Dompet Dhuafa, to support the development of International Zakat tourism area in Jampang village. Jampang English Village is also a community development program to empower the society through English mastery and make Jampang as the centre of English teaching and learning in Bogor.

JEV has one main English Course, it is “English Green Zone”. Now English Green Zone has six classes.Three classes in Jampang Pulo, RW.03 and Three classes in Jampang Poncol, RW.6. The students are coming from all Jampang village. The class opened for all age level. There are some classes for young learners, teenagers, and adult (workers, mother, and seller), all f them are free for Jampang students.

Jampang English Village have many programs to make a process of learning and teaching that is creative, fun, and meaningfull. The programs ini English by Request, Accelerated English Camp, English Camp Eduventure, and Private white native.

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